The concept of this project turns to a microscopic scale of the bacterial system of the water that in a certain way defines the quality of the same. It is an installation composed essentially of light and sound expressing our vision of what could be the interior of a bacterium.Made with materials such as
iron, fibreglass and glass water bottles, the “Bacteria” comes to life when it has human presence. When activated it will react with the user’s position in space, transforming both visually and sonorously, as if we were going through the interior of a living organism.

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The project we conducted within the synagogue, the No Mikveh, focused on the interaction of the body with a fantastic spatial notion, augmented through technology. For this purpose we created a space of 2 meters by 2.70 meters in area and 2.3 meters in height, using a wooden structure covered with mirrors on the ceiling and walls, leaving only place for an entrance. The floor was acrylic coated mirrored film, raised to leave room to the lighting system. The goal was to create the effect of an infinite space. The digital program was reproduced in a loop, and alluded to each of the uses of the true Mikveh, the name given to the Jewish bath where various rituals of purification are performed. Each of the rituals we identified were represented by type and color of light, and a specific song, which altered the dynamics of reflection in space and our sensations within it.

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